The Company

bonvreno_GmbH combines project management skills, software marketing, IT technology and broad international understanding of the vehicle insurance claims process.
As such bonvreno_GmbH is willing and able to assist as a consultant, project manager or product manager in the following areas:

Program and project management:
o    Leading SW development, SW maintenance, SW implementation, etc.
o    Audits on planned or already running projects
o    Leading or supporting organizations to implement and execute program and/or project management

Project Management Training:
o    Training courses for all level of project managers
o    Training project managers up to certification
o    Individual coaching of projects and program managers

To lead or assist the various aspect of IT product marketing:
o    To lead or to assist the development of market (country) specific marketing and sales strategies
o    Generating new product ideas or enhancements to existing products
o    Preparation of decision finding papers for the management (Project initiation/Business plans, etc.)
o    Definition, control and updating the entire product budgets and sales budgets during the entire product life cycle